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SCAN RF Projects is one of the principal providers of wireless turnkey solution services. SCAN RF Projects is ideally positioned to offer clients advanced custom solutions catering to individual needs.

Scan RF Projects

RF Interference planning and mitigation

  • To provide a reliable radio network, frequency interference must be reduced as far as possible.
  • We use advanced planning tools to predict interference and take steps to decrease interference by increasing discrimination between radio frequency signals.
RF Interference planning and mitigation

Our services portfolio ranges from wireless network planning, design and implementation, professional SLA services actively managed by our Service Operations Centre (SOC) to physical infrastructure deployment (Towers, Masts, Mid-Hinge & Site Construction).

Skilled Excellence

We commit to provide quality products and skilled services to our customers. All our technicians are trained specific to our scope to ensure we meet our customer’s needs. Our business provide commercial electronic communications network services as stated in the ICASA ACT with our IECNS and ECNS class licenses.


Digital mobile radio (DMR) and Tetra two-way radio

This domain offers mission critical Push To Talk communications, assisting our customers to connect more people effortlessly and efficiently.


Wireless broadband

Quality on static sites is an important component which requires point-to-point and point-to-multi point solutions, offering licensed and unlicensed microwave connectivity and kinetic mesh connectivity which offers a bulletproof wireless mesh solution.

InfiNet Wireless
SIAE Microelectronica

Infrastructure services

We offer infrastructure to complement our customers solutions, including towers, mast infrastructures (supply, construction, fencing, curbing, etc.), solar power systems and solutions, mobile trailers/skids and rapid deployment systems.

Solar Solutions
Trailers and Skids

Open Cast/ Underground communications

Our team specializes in mesh connectivity and LTE, with a solution that enables an efficient network to route data from and to our clients.

Cisco/ Fluidmesh

Radio Access Networks (RAN)

Through radio connections, we can connect devices to other parts of a core network, providing our customers with proprietary systems, WiFi, Private LTE, Commercial LTE.


Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

This refers to the use of the internet of things in industrial sectors, enabling our customers to operate with efficiency and consistency. Our solution includes;

  • LoRa , LoRaWan and Sigfox
  • Dedicated IoT developer
  • Engineer the solution from start

Product set

Microwave (BWA)

  • As part of our point-to-point and point-to-multipoint microwave product portfolio, we offer licensed and unlicensed frequency products.
  • Bakwena platinum corridor
  • British Telecoms Western to Eastern limb network
  • Anglo Coal WAN Network
  • Kumba Iron Ore WAN microwave network
Microwave (BWA)

 Mobile mesh connectivity - Mining

  • Market leader in Africa providing connectivity  to mobile plant for production critical systems
  • Deployed in 22 mines over Africa
  • Designed from the ground up for connectivity
  • More than 5000 nodes deployed
 Mobile mesh connectivity - Mining

WCP (WAN as a service)

  • Fixed Wireless Access product (FWA) providing WAN as a Service
  • Dedicated Back-haul and last mile options – No contention
  • Flexible solution adapted to customers requirement
  • High Speed layer 2 networks
  • Based on Licensed Band Microwave Technology
  • Provides 10Mbps to 1Gbps* Line Rate options
  • Bandwidth supplied as Symmetrical CIR
  • Multiple SLA options
  • SOC 24/7 with 26 agents
  • IECNS & ECNS license holder
 Mobile mesh connectivity - Mining

Fixed Infrastructure

  • Turnkey Infrastructure
  • Customized equipment Enclosures
  • Masts and Towers
  • Backup Power Systems
  • Solar Systems
  • Mobile command centres
Fixed Infrastructure
Fixed Infrastructure

Nomadic repeater infrastructure

  • Self contained nomadic repeater sites
  • Fully autonomous operation
  • Vandal resistant design
Fixed Infrastructure

RF Coverage design

  • We use advanced radio coverage planning tools which can model any highly build-up area to extensive countrywide areas.
  • The planning engineer can develop rapidly and economically wide networks in indoor, outdoor and mixed environment such as urban and rural.
  • We use Pathloss and ICS telecom
Fixed Infrastructure

 RF Capacity design

  • Part of any radio design is to select the right data throughput capacity to match the customer requirements.
  • The planning tool allows you to select the correct antenna sizes and frequency channel to provide the right data throughput with the highest link available – even in rainy seasons.
 RF Capacity design

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