The Value We Bring

Value proposition

As we enter a CONNECTED FUTURE, new-world problems demand relevant, smart and RESILIENT SOLUTIONS.

Where others fragment, we harness the POWER OF INTERCONNECTIVITY through independent domains that are at the very top of their fields, while retaining the ability to COLLABORATE AND CONVERGE to create value.

Interconnectivity is more than a philosophy – it’s how we do business. Through it, we create SUSTAINABLE VALUE and holistic solutions that build towards our purpose of IMPROVING THE LIVES of whomever we engage with.

Our values


We adhere to principles of trust, respect, honesty, fairness and transparency


A united and cohesive team will always outperform a siloed one


By creating an enjoyable, creative professional environment we maximise our performance and the performance of those around us


Creating innovative solutions will set us apart


We must feel free to raise courageous ideas to allow us to challenge the status quo


We must take responsibility for the jobs that we do


All people must be empowered and given equal opportunity to succeed and maximise their potential


Let us strengthen your business with our beneficial services.

Our purpose

In a rapidly changing world, we must work together to allow us to design, implement, and manage excellent value-added solutions, that make a positive and lasting impact with whomever we engage with.

We put people first

If our employees are happy, we will grow
If our clients are happy, we will thrive
If our stakeholders are happy, we will prosper

We strive to build lasting relationships

By understanding
By delivering excellence
By adding value

We ensure that we are passionate about all that we do
Achieving excellence in all that we do

To ensure that we are competitive
To ensure that we are efficient
To ensure that we challenge ourselves

CES has managed large and complex Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs) for large international clients in over 20 Africa countries in the following sectors:

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