Sub-Saharan Africa

Africa is home to over 1.2 billion people. Over the next few decades, this is projected to increase to over 2.4 billion.

With most of the population being young there is bound to be increased urbanization and demand for improved quality of life. This will create significant pressure on existing infrastructure. Cities will thus have to move towards infrastructure consolidation, upgrade, and continuous improvement.

The answer to these challenges has to be creating resilient future cities that include:

  • Seamless integration between systems, people, and assets.
  • Improved operational efficiency and reduced cost.
  • Adherence to cybersecurity, safety, and regulatory compliance
  • Exceeding expectations while delivering on service-level agreements.

At NEXTEC we help build African smart cities (enhancing physical infrastructure with digital technology) as this holds the potential to meet increasing challenges, demands, and customer expectations.

In this rapidly changing world, by deeply understanding the continent’s needs, we expertly craft value-added solutions, that will make a positive and lasting impact. This is achieved by using the latest smart technology and design teams within the mining, water, and energy industries. We implement our integrated civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering solutions whilst building internal capacity to ensure sustainability.

We believe that mixing the right blend of people processes and technology yields the greatest results.

At NEXTEC we are here to assist Africa to reach the next frontier.

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