MPC CONNECT was established in 2006. The company provides Global human capital solutions ranging from business process solutions, recruitment, online teaching, and related services. MPC Connect has a global reach with clients based across 5 continents, Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America. MPC Connects creates and tailor makes solutions for your specific campaign requirements. Our specialization is in customizing sales and service campaigns for a variety of industry sectors.

We focus on quality, customer service, and meeting our client’s service and legal agreements to ensure that your brand’s integrity is at the forefront. We supply more than just human capital solutions with agents but also specialized professional brand ambassadors and boasted. Our centres operate 24/7/365, providing our clients with around-the-clock support, peace of mind, and flexibility that your project or campaign will always be staffed, operational, and providing you with quality solutions.

Our Vision

We strive to deliver a first-class tailor-made solution with the ability and expertise to scale all greenfield operations rapidly. We ensure that we maintain our best quality as your preferred Business Process Enabling (BPE) service provider.

Our Driving Force

MPC CONNECT is driven by our “Partner for Life” philosophy as we cultivate and establish lifelong partnerships with our customers and stakeholders.

Our Mission

We pride ourselves on delivering quality services that meet our clients’ expectations. Our large staff complement ensures that we can operate and provide continued support 24/7/365.

What we do

Our outsourcing services have yielded 50-60% cost-saving benefits for our clients. Sector specializations include Sales/Lead Generation, Marketing, Customer Service, Technical Support, Vendor Management, Payroll, Education and Finance.

Shared Service And Back Office

MPC Connect has the perfect solution for your organization’s specific campaign requirements. We specialize in sales and services campaigns within the Financial, Energy, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), and Telecommunication sectors. We offer a variety of bespoke communication campaigns (inbound, outbound, email, and web chat) based on each client’s unique requirements.


Staff procurement by working closely with HR departments, designing, and implementing strategies and assigning dedicated, in-house talent scouts to proactively meet your needs.

  • Executive Search:
    • Contingency Recruitment
    • Specialized Recruitment
  • Advertisement response handling
  • Psychometric and competency assessments
  • Bulk/project recruitment
  • Neutral, confidential interview venues across the country
  • Market trend analysis and regular salary surveys
    • Fingerprint scanning and verification checks

Global Online Tutoring

MPC CONNECT tutors between 400k- 600k students each month. All tutors receive ongoing training ensuring they can deliver high-quality lessons.

Partner With Us

MPC CONNECT customizes projects and campaigns specific to our client’s needs for various industries. All decisions are made in consultation and with our clients based on their desired outcomes, deadlines, and their campaign’s strategic objectives. Our dedicated on-site management is driven to meet and exceed Client Service Level Agreements. We offer all-encompassing resource management, workforce management, human resources, and payroll solutions.

Our Process

Our dedicated on-site management is driven to meet and exceed Client Service Level Agreements. We offer all-encompassing resource management including workforce management, human resources and payroll solutions.

  • On-site management by MPC Connect BPO teams.
  • Holistic resource management includes performance management, workforce management, human resources, and payroll solutions.
  • Comprehensive skills development and customized training solutions.

Our Technology

We are part of the EOH family, Africa’s most prominent technology service provider and human capital organisation, guaranteeing access to unrivalled technological capability and support.

  • Advanced IT and telephony infrastructure, in-house IT support, and on-site incident management.
  • Strong outsourcing & cloud services, offering end-to-end solutions.

Our Reach

MPC Connect has an extensive global footprint servicing 5 continents, Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America.

Our Values

We strive to deliver excellent services and customer experiences by establishing long-term partnerships with clients. We also strive to maintain our reputation as the preferred South African Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service provider.


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