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We are specialists in customized sales and service campaigns within a variety of different  industry sectors that provide customers with constant support, fexibility and peace of mind.


About Us

We specialise in customised sales and service campaigns with a variety of different industry sectors. We establish and agree desired outcomes, critical deadlines and strategic objectives of each campaign with our clients. Our emphasis is on quality, customer service and meeting client Service Level Agreements to ensure that your brand integrity is at the forefront of our approach. We supply more than just contact centre agents – they are your brand ambassadors.

All centres run 24/7/365, providing customers with constant support, _exibility and the peace of mind that their campaigns are always sta_ed and operational.

Why Clients choose us….

  • 50% -60% cheaper than source markets
  • Cultural affnity with the UK, Europe, Australia, USA and China
  • 8 State-of-the-art contact centresnationwide
  • Dedicated on-site management by MPC Managed Solutions.
  • World-class connectivity and infrastructure
  • Custom-branded solutions to meet specifc client needs
  • Access to extensive employee initiative funding, ensuring cost-effective solutions
  • Permanently employed agents allow for continuous training and development
  • Open 24 / 7 / 365

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MPC Managed Solutions


MPC Managed Solutions is a multi-award winning generalist recruitment company providing staff from lower level to senior / executive positions across all disciplines. The group currently boasts a national footprint of 8 branches, in addition to 27 network partners throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, with a 17 year tenure.


We believe that in order to provide clients with optimum solutions to human capital requirements, it is vital to acquire a thorough understanding of the clients’ business and needs. Our consultants spend time on site, acquiring knowledge of the company culture, working environment and expectations of the client. This leads to a fruitful relationship based on knowledge, trust and integrity.


As a National Recruitment Company – MPC Recruitment

Selecting from the vast pool of Recruitment Service Providers can be a daunting task.  At the MPC Recruitment Group, we believe that our role is that of a strategic Recruitment Partner working with you, as opposed to simply another Recruitment company offering a service to you.  A committed partnership is formed in order to understand your core business, values, and corporate culture. This allows us to attract the best possible and most well-matched talent to meet your most exacting job specification, whether it is for a permanent, contract, or short-term staffing solution.

Tailored / conventional / optimised

  • Recruitment and selection of permanent staff, from advertising the position to finalising terms and conditions of employment.
  • Provision of short-term staff for holiday cover, seasonal support, or ad-hoc projects.
  • Provision of medium or long-term contract staff, thus relieving you of all statutory reporting, administrative, performance management and industrial relationship procedures.
  • Analysis of human capital requirements and creation of appropriate and cost-effective Recruitment solutions, ranging from handling advertisement response to the provision of dedicated in-house talent scouts.

Extended recruitment services

Executive search projects

Our non-intrusive, discreet and totally confidential headhunting service can find top performers for your top positions. Our expertise is primarily in the Financial Sector (Capital Market, Asset Management, Commodities Markets and Banking) though we offer this service across all market sectors.

Global recruitment

Working with our Global Network Partners, we can:

  • We recruit in-country, as well as expats, for The Middle East (Qatar and Dubai)
  • Provide a full Recruitment service for local applicants in over 10 African countries
  • Our Network Partners are committed to our strict business principles. MPC Recruitment manages the entire process, including assistance with visas and resettlement issues. All our Network Partners utilise our Software Application infrastructure ensuring compliance to our strict standards.

Recruitment process outsourcing

Outsourcing your Human Resources talent acquisition to MPC will leave your HR Department free to focus on policy implementation and organisational development while we attend to your staff procurement.

Payroll management solutions

We have the infrastructure and resources to take over and run your entire payroll on a long-term basis.  We would take care of all statutory reporting, deductions and disbursements, holiday and sickness entitlements, bonuses, payslip distribution and all other matters relating to your payroll, timeously, accurately and with full transparency.

Management of large-scale recruitment projects

  • Mass Recruitment Projects – End to End project management
  • Large Scale Call Centre Recruitment Capability

Value added services

  • Advertisement response handling.
  • Psychometric and computer literacy assessments.
  • Neutral confidential interview venues, countrywide.
  • Job profiling and grading.
  • Candidate profiling.
  • International online candidate skills assessments. MPC subscribes to an international assessment platform which offers over 1500 validated candidate skills assessments across all disciplines, at all levels.  Assessments are carried out online in our offices.
  • Biometric facilities in all branches. In addition to screening our own candidates, this facility is available to our  Clients at all MPC branches for a moderate fee to cover the costs involved.

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Through our 25 year history in contractor management and business advisory services, Rosstone Consulting (Pty) Ltd has built up a vast network of niche specialists that empower organisations through an agile approach by being able to gain access to the right skills, at the right time on flexible terms.

In addition, our solutions are based on a deep understanding of and experience in the deployment of knowledge resources (contractors / freelancers / sub-contractors / independent contractors) across the African Continent, underpinned by the integration of leading-edge technologies.


Outsourced services
Rosstone’s specialised services allow client companies to outsource non-core functions to expert resources. This offering caters to clients who aim to produce the outcomes themselves, but require the help of some or all aspects of acquiring, on boarding, management, payment and reporting on professional labour and suppliers.

Managed services
Rosstone’s comprehensive workforce management solution is the ideal alternative to labour broking. With us, you are assured of compliance when it comes to adherence to the South African labour and tax laws. Our end-to-end solution manages contracting professionals from sourcing through correct contracting, accurate payroll and risk-free exiting phases, ensuring full compliance and mitigation of labour risk.

Functional outsourcing
Rosstone caters for clients who are high risk adverse and look to outsource professional outcomes in their entirety. This involves functional outsourcing of resourcing, on boarding, human resources management, payroll services and delivery reporting and may either be on a project basis or on an ongoing basis.

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Impact HR

Impact HR

We are a credible and trusted level one BEE company that is listed on the JSE with financial and systems support from the full EOH group of companies. We are the industry leaders and trusted advisory partners in Human Capital Management solutions across various industries.


Outsourced solutions
In the current economic climate, companies need innovation to gain competitive advantage, drive best performance and reduce costs. Our Outsourcing Solutions can access these advantages.

Temporary staffing solutions
Our Solutions provide flexible staffing for Contact Centres, Office administration, Telecoms, Banking, Freight, Retail and Warehousing.

Outsourced payroll
Our fully compliant outsourced payroll service provides a cost effective, professional, and efficient payroll infrastructure to your business

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
Our RPO Model is designed to give you a Recruitment Solution that’s tailor-made to outsource all non-strategic elements of the Recruitment cycle.

Permanent placements
We pride ourselves in our creative approach to sourcing talent and use a proprietary, multi-channel methodology to fast-track the sourcing and screening of viable candidates.

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Cortez offers specialised search and talent mapping services tailored to address scarce and critical skills through to strategic, senior and executive appointments.

About Cortez

We offer end to end talent solutions across multiple skill verticals country wide, providing knowledge and data metrics through a digitized portal to address talent and business challenges.

"Cortez lives and breathes the spirit of our emerging economy driven by a passion for people"

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The LD Group

The Learning Development Group

The Learning Development Group offers innovative, flexible, and evolving learning development solutions that transform organisations and individuals.

Each of our companies has something unique to offer and together we provide standard and bespoke learning solutions to organisations and to individuals.

Services and Solutions

We design, implement, and deliver services across industries, within the following specialist areas:

  • BBBEE Consulting
  • Disability Management Services
  • Skills Development Facilitation (SDF) & Employment Equity
  • Candidate Recruitment, Testing and Placement
  • Training, Assessment, Moderation & Certification
  • Digital Learning & Management Platforms

Uniquely Positioned

Over 30 years’ experience collaborating to find the best complete solution for organisations, host employers, funding partners, delegates and graduates.

A partnership that ensures a single point of access and solutions linked to Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment compliance, learnerships and professional development programmes.

Service offerings that maximise financial and strategic growth for the value chain.

A full learning development service, underpinned by our team who provides specific and appropriate advice.

BBBEE Consulting Services

Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment in the workplace is governed by the Black Economic Empowerment Act of 2003, the Skills Development Levies Act and the Employment Equity Act, which collectively aim to reward organisations that commit to economic transformation.

Organisations need to comply with complex regulations and are eligible for licensing and incentives if they achieve targets proportionate to their investments. To do so they need to acquire contributor status, calculated against targets, giving a score.

Standard & Bespoke Solutions:

  • Explain the BBBEE Codes relative to your own business.
  • Analyse your current level of compliance with the BBBEE Codes.
  • Prepare BBBEE scenarios highlighting actions to achieve the contributor status.
  • Implement and manage BBBEE strategy and formulate corrective strategies, where necessary.
  • Provide evidentiary templates.
  • BBBEE file assembly, evaluation, and scoring, prior to verification.
  • Verification preparation.
  • Facilitation of verification appeals and objections, where necessary.
  • BBBEE Online Manager platform.

Disability Management Services

Disability Management and compliance fall primarily within the scope of the Employment Equity Act of 1998. Because the purpose of the Act is to achieve equity in the workplace, people with disabilities are considered a designated group that needs to be represented across diverse occupational categories and levels.

Not only do organisations have to comply with the regulations of the EE Act and the submission of EE Plans and Reports, but they can also gain BBBEE points towards the BBBEE scorecard and meet their EE targets by implementing a well-planned Disability Management programme. A DM Programme gives an organisation a structured procedure to understanding, employing, and developing people with disabilities so that the workplace becomes more equitable, cooperative, inclusive, and productive.

Standard & Bespoke Solutions:

  • A complete service within three specialist areas, namely:
    • Learnership Support
    • Disability Inclusivity
    • Higher Education Disability Support
  • Help you develop a proactive Disability Management strategy aligned to your overall Business and EE strategies.
  • Employ a team of highly qualified and dedicated Occupational Therapists.
  • Give your organisation, your employees, and people with disabilities the support you need to implement a DM programme.
  • Analyse the workplace environment and accessibility for people with disabilities.
  • Recruit and match suitable disabled candidates to your organisation.

SDF Services

Skills Development in South Africa is governed by a range of legislation. The Skills Development Levies Act and The Skills Development Act are especially relevant to SDF services as they provide a framework for organisations to follow to develop and improve

employee skills. Organisations and employers that are registered with SARS for PAYE and have an annual payroll of over R 500 000 or 50 plus employees must pay skills levies.

Organisations need a Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) to analyse, plan, implement, and report on all training activities in an organisation. They also develop and monitor personal development plans for each employee, draw up Workplace Skills Plans (WSPs) and are responsible for SETA related duties for the organisation.

Standard & Bespoke Solutions:

  • Help you identify areas where skills are needed and plan the appropriate interventions to address any gaps.
  • Provide you with a return of between 50 and 350% of money invested, dependent on your level of participation.
  • Collaborate with you to administer and plan your skills development effectively.
  • Ensure your organisation records training experiences correctly and that you submit the required documentation to be reimbursed with your SETA Mandatory Grants.
  • Set up your Workplace Training Committee so that meetings occur.
  • Make sure your organisation is prepared and meets the requirements of the
  • Skills Development Monitoring and Auditing visits.

Employment Equity Services

Employment Equity is governed primarily by the Employment Equity Act of 1998. The purpose of the Act is to achieve equity in the workplace through promoting equal opportunity and implementing affirmative action.

Organisations need to eliminate unfair discrimination and redress past disadvantages of designated groups to ensure they are represented across diverse occupational categories and levels in the workplace. Organisations and employers that employ more than 50 people or have a total annual turnover that is equal to or above the applicable annual turnover threshold, must implement EE Plans and compile EE Reports.

Standard & Bespoke Solutions:

  • Explain EE requirements, relevant to your own organisation and its unique needs.
  • Analyse your current level of compliance.
  • Gather information relating to your workplace profiles, job titles and occupation levels
  • Align job titles to occupation levels
  • Provide evidentiary templates.
  • Formulate and implement your EE Policies and Procedures.
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of individuals involved in your EE Plan
  • Compile EE Plans
  • Set numeric targets for each year of your EE plan.
  • Submit manual or online annual EEA2 and EEA4 Reports to the Department of Employment and Labour.
  • Report and give feedback on submitted EE plans.
  • Set up, record, and maintain the EE file with its required documentation.
  • Represent you, the employer, in a consultative capacity during Department of Employment and Labour audits.
  • An EE Help Desk in each geographic region to answer compliance-related questions.

Training, Assessment & Moderation Services

Our comprehensive learning and development services encompass occupational and professional training, assessment, and moderation. We use in-classroom, virtual and blended training methods to deliver accredited qualifications, learnerships, skills programmes and short courses.

We offer in-house learning solutions tailored to suit your organisation’s unique needs as well as public training programmes for individuals. Our programmes cover multiple industries and job roles.

Standard & Bespoke Solutions:

  • Industry-focused and career-orientated training programmes for Knowledge and IT professionals, and Occupational training to new and existing entrants into the job market and to the organisations that employ them.
  • Relevant, immersive, comprehensive, and practical training.
  • A focused, experienced, and qualified team, who want to see individuals and organisations develop and grow.
  • Technical expertise and a reputation for academic excellence.
  • Multiple SETA’s, IIBA®, SAICA, CompTIA,™ SABPP, and The Open Group™ accredited programmes.
  • Equipping individuals with qualifications and transferrable skills that are internationally recognised and highly sought after.

Digital Learning Solutions

We recognise that the future of work, organisations and employees depends on being connected. We have developed a range of online learning platforms to assist your organisation with its educational reach. L&D Connect is a learning management system, built on a Moodle framework, that enables educators, managers, administrators, and students to access courses anytime, anywhere.

Our applications, within L&D Connect, suit multiple situations and are modern and easy to use on desktop and mobile devices. We use intuitive dashboards and graphical user interfaces to ensure that online learning is engaging, collaborative, and interactive. We can customise and incorporate features such as lessons, coursework, chats and assessments as well as track delegate progress and issue certificates to accommodate your requirements.

Standard & Bespoke Solution:

  • Seamless administration, design and roll-out of virtual and online learning.
  • Our own customisable or third-party software platforms, such as aNewSpring, that allow for the automation and delivery of educational training programmes.
  • The eBrixx Learner Management System (LMS) that streamlines the functions associated with administering, documenting, tracking, and reporting on students and managing classrooms, instructors, equipment, events, and other learning resources.
  • Customisable and integrated digital solutions that allow your organisation to create a private learning environment with collaborative, engaging and interactive content that accommodates your distinctive requirements.
  • A team of in-house developers with the enthusiasm, drive and expertise to provide excellent client service.

Talent Services

We believe that a properly prepared and supported workplace is the key to permanent candidate placement and high employee retention in any organisation.

Through our professional network that involves recruiting, selecting, testing, placing, and matching the right candidate to an organisation, we will help you achieve your mission-critical projects and goals.

We offer simple, efficient, cost-effective, and time-saving solutions for companies eager to vet and source suitable candidates from hundreds of applications.

We work with corporates, community agencies, government entities and other outreach programmes to help with bulk recruitment and talent placement.

Standard & Bespoke Solution:

  • Simple, cost-effective, and time-saving vetting and sourcing of suitable candidates from hundreds of applicants.
  • Bulk recruitment for corporates, community agencies, government entities and other outreach programmes.
  • Designing internships and learnership programmes that accelerate careers, develop candidates who have a professional and ethical approach and providing employers with excellent candidates for permanent positions.
  • Talent placement for organisations hosting candidates.
  • Providing host companies with graduates that have job-profile appropriate skills-sets.
  • Supporting graduates with practical, on-the-job coaching and workplace experience so they become part of an active and engaged workforce.
  • Continuous development of your entire skills pipeline.

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