The heavy-duty solar test station was initially designed for CAS/PDS systems and further developed for rapid, nomadic deployment in unforgiving and dynamically, constantly changing, mining environments where communication, and most importantly health and safety needs, and requirements are just as dynamic as the operations itself – always changing and adapting.

The platform is highly modular and customisable for various other applications and the unit can be redeployed to new positions, i.e., safety zones for heavy machine vehicles to, when and where required in a short matter of time - providing 20W @ 24VDC mobile solar power with up to 3 days autonomy.

Specification Highlights

  • Secure equipment enclosure
  • Stable concrete-filled base with lifting points
  • Lightweight mast with mounting point
  • Vandal and theft-resistant solar panel frame
  • 3x 85W ruggedised solar panels
  • 2x 150Ah deep cycle batteries
  • All solar accessories and wiring

Use Cases or Applications (low powered)

  • Nomadic test station for CAS/PDS systems
  • Nomadic Rajant mesh gap filler
  • Nomadic solar-powered IoT station
  • Nomadic client station for various operational applications
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