The heavy duty solar and mast skid was designed and further developed for nomadic and remote deployment in unforgiving and dynamically, constantly changing, mining environments where communication needs and requirements are just as dynamic as the operations itself – always changing and adapting.

The platform is highly focused on theft and vandal resistance of the communications equipment it protects for various applications in remote sections of the mining operational area - providing 50W @ 24VDC nomadic solar power with up to 3 days autonomy.



Structure: Heavy-duty base forming a stable platform for the 12m pneumatic mast fitted

Pontoons: designed to be drawn across rough terrain using two reinforced, replaceable steel pontoons

Either shot blasted and painted with 2K paint systems, or electrocuted and powder coated with quality powder

Fitted with a heavy-duty theft and vandal-resistant enclosure to secure batteries and equipment

The enclosure is manufactured from 3CR12.


Fitted with lifting points and anchor points for tie-down

Small step platform for easy access to the radio and masts

Total work height lower than 1.8m

Overall weight (configuration dependent) approx. 1500kg (Including batteries)


Fitted with ruggedized (theft and vandal resistant) CIGS solar panels with a high power yield
Supplied with Victron MPPT charge controllers and Battery monitor system for insight into the solar performance



Mast secured in vertical position
12m Pneumatic mast with a handpump, <20kg headload



All boxes are manufactured from electro-galvanized steel and powder coated.
All latches are double lockable with square drive keys and padlocks.
Optional mounting points for shorter P2P antenna masts, or specialised instrument mounting (i.e. laser scanners)
4x 200 Amp/hour batteries in a 24VDC, 50W configuration

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