Professional Mobile Radio (PMR)

SCAN RF Projects supplies, installs, commissions and supports bespoke digital radio systems specifically designed for public safety agencies, mining companies and all vertical markets where mission critical and production critical communications is demanded.

The company has extensive expertise in the deployment of turn-key fit-for-purpose communication projects comprising RF transmission and backhaul components, equipment enclosures, towers, masts and civils, custom designed standby power systems and network applications.

Integrated solutions to meet unique customer requirements include, but not limited to, Network Management Systems, Command, Control and Despatch workstations, GPS/GIS Tracking applications, voice, data and multimedia recording, fault logging and integrated LTE broadband.

A vast selection of handheld, mobile and fixed desktop terminals complete SCAN RF’s digital two-way radio offering.

Whether the need is for outright purchase, vendor finance, hire purchase or ‘radio as a service’ subscription SCAN RF Projects has the appropriate digital technology to meet every customer requirement.

TETRA is recognized as the internationally adopted digital radio standard for public safety, emergency services and other first responders. It is also widely deployed in transportation (Airports, Rail and Seaports), mining and oil & gas markets where mission critical communications is essential for production and worker safety.

TETRA networks are extremely robust with multiple levels of redundancy which deliver in excess of 99.98% system up-time reliability.

TETRA handheld and mobile terminals provide a vast array of user features and benefits including digital voice and data transmission.

TETRA applications include timestamped voice and data recording, terminal tracking, PC based despatcher workstations, network management systems and fault logging.

TETRA digital radio solutions may vary from small precinct or campus systems of one or more base stations, or extensive provincial networks comprising a multitude of interconnected base station sites.

Communication security is paramount in mission critical networks and is provided by radio authentication to prevent unauthorized system access and the encryption of speech and data traffic.

Guyed / Self-Supporting Lattice Masts & Towers

When topography does not allow for direct LOS the answer can frequently be found in the construction of a Lattice Mast or Tower.  SCAN RF has expertise in the location planning and construction of these structures. Ranging from 9m to in excess of 70m.

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