The heavy-duty solar and mast trailer was designed and further developed for mobility and rapid deployment in an unforgiving and dynamically, constantly changing, mining environment where communication needs and requirements are just as dynamic as the operations itself – always changing and adapting.

The platform is highly modular and customisable for various other applications and the unit can be redeployed to new positions, i.e. clearing areas for blasting, when and where required in a short matter of time - providing 50W* @ 24VDC mobile solar power with up to 3 days autonomy.



Structure: Mild steel – Hot dipped galvanized

Axle: 2500 kg Braked axle with auto reverse coupler and handbrake

Wheels – 2 off: 6 Hole 139.75 PCD steel rims with 0 offset and 215 R15 tyres – Spare wheel optional

Jockey Wheel: 200 mm Heavy duty jockey wheel with 48 mm shaft and heavy-duty clamp

12 V Truck light type with LED number plate and tail lights

DATADOT – compulsory



Mild steel – hot dipped galvanized
Hoisting and Tie-down points
Extendable support struts with screw adjustments



Mild steel, hot dipped galvanized
5° Incremental adjustable solar panel frame with double locking system
Frame to fit 2x 260W solar panels with optional* swing over frames for 2 additional 260W panels



Shock assisted mechanism with a safety lock system secures mast in vertical position
Ratchet strap secures mast in the horizontal position
12m Pneumatic mast with a handpump, <20kg headload



All boxes are manufactured from electro-galvanized steel and powder coated.
All latches are double lockable with square drive keys and padlocks.
2x Battery boxes (fitted over axle)
4x 150Amp/hour batteries (2x per battery box) in a 24VDC, 50W* configuration

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